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Get High Speed Internet Access Across the US with Knight Broadband.

  • Super-Fast Download Speeds of 12 Mbps and up to 25 Mbps in select areas
  • Save up to $240 when you Bundle Internet, TV & Phone service
  • 3-Year Price Lock Guarantee

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Satellite Internet Service

Knight Broadband offers High Speed Internet from Exede to allow you to enjoy all you want online. Learn More >

Bundle Internet & DIRECTV

Bundle 2 Great Services and Save. Combine Exede with DIRECTV and save $10/mo for 12 months.
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Home Phone Service

Enjoy home phone service and save $120 in your first year when you bundle Exede Voice and Internet. Learn More >

Reliable Home Internet Service for Rural America

According to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over 1/3 of homes in Rural America have limited access or no high speed internet. At Knight Broadband our objective is to ensure that all Americans are able to receive quality high speed internet. To ensure that Americans in rural and suburban areas can get the high speed internet service they deserve at Knight Broadband we’re proud to offer Exede Satellite Internet.

With Exede we can provide great rural internet service with download speeds of 12 Mbps in most areas and up to 25 Mbps in select areas. If you live in a rural community or an area that is simply overlooked by cable internet providers you can finally ditch your slow, dial-up or DSL internet. Now, no matter how far from town you are, you can get the high speed internet connection you need for today’s fast paced world.

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Exede Satellite Internet Service

Exede is a high speed satellite internet service that has been designed to provide improved performance. Exede is a great rural internet option and has been dramatically improved to support higher bandwidth applications like:

  • Social Networking
  • Watching Videos
  • Streaming Music Online
  • Online Banking

See why people are excited across the United States

Knight Broadband offers Exede Internet Service that help people living in both rural and suburban areas get the high-speed internet service they deserve. Here's what Exede customers have to say:

"People complain a lot about how bad their internet service is; and that’s when I jump in and say, ‘That’s because you haven’t tried the new Exede Internet’."
Anne - California
"When Exede came out, I was ecstatic! It was just as fast as the other choices that are offered in town. I feel like I live in the real world again."
Marilyn - Colorado

Exede Internet Features

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With Exede Satellite Internet Service you can get service almost anywhere in the United State given that you have a clear view of the southern sky. So no matter if you live in the plains of Texas to the Coasts of New England you can get internet access with Exede.


Exede Internet Service allows for faster surfing of the web, downloads and access to email. You'll be able to download files quickly and experience the internet like you were always meant to with download speeds of 12 Mbps in most areas and up to 25 Mbps in select areas.

3-Year Price Lock Guarantee

Every Exede Internet plan features a 3 Year Guarantee that your price will not increase so you can have peace of mind that your bill won't increase out of the blue and leave your wallet empty. Say no to price increases and choose Exede Satellite Internet.

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