Rural Home Internet Service in Maryland

Knight Broadband offers residents in rural areas of Maryland High Speed Internet Access via Exede Satellite Internet

  • Super-Fast Download Speeds of 12 Mbps and up to 25 Mbps in select areas
  • Bundles with Internet, TV & Phone available throughout Maryland
  • 3-Year Price Lock Guarantee

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Fast Home Internet Service in Rural Maryland

Living in a rural community in Maryland has many upsides, like the peace and quiet that you just can't get in urban areas or the amazing views of nature. Unfortunately living in a rural area can also mean having poor internet options. However this can all change thanks to Knight Broadband and Exede. At Knight Broadband we've partnered with Exede to offer high speed internet service for even the most remote rural areas of Maryland. Now you won't need to sacrifice a good, reliable internet connection to live in a rural area.

At Knight Broadband we know it can be frustrating looking when you're searching for high speed internet access if you live in a rural community in Maryland. In many cases DSL was the only option which has a tendancy to become greatly reduced in speed once you get more than 30 miles from a central station and in many cases top speeds are just not fast enough. To top it off many cable providers have simply overlooked and are not willing to provide service in rural communities.

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Solution for a High Speed Home Internet Connection in Rural md

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To help solve the issue of getting a fast, reliable, high speed home internet connection for those in rural areas of Maryland Knight Broadband is proud to offer satellite internet service from Exede. With Exede's Satellite Internet Service you get speeds up to 25mbps. With Exede you can do all of your favorite activities online like never before like:

  • Social Networking
  • Watching Videos
  • Streaming Music Online
  • Online Banking

Bundle Internet and TV in Rural Maryland

If you live in a more rural area of Maryland you may feel left behind and think that you'll be uanble to take advantage of the savings of bundling the services you need like those who live in the suburbs or urban areas. However, at Knight Broadband we offer the ability to bundle internet, home phone and DIRECTV. Regardless of where you live in Maryland you can get a great deal and bundle internet and TV. When you bundle Exede satellite internet with DIRECTV you'll get the ultimate TV-Internet package and save an EXTRA $10/month on your DIRECTV bill for 1 full year - a SAVINGS OF $120 TOTAL! You'll get great internet service with speeds up to 25 Mbps along with the most sports, full-time HD channels and 1,000's of On-Demand Titles.

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When it comes down to the options and internet providers you can choose from in rural Maryland you choices may be limited to only dial-up, DSL and satellite internet. In today's world dial-up speeds of 28-52kbps are almost unusable and will struggle to load even the most fundamental things in a timely manner online. Unlike other internet service providers Exede is available for nearly any one, any where in Maryland that has a clear view of the southern sky. Even if you live in an area where DSL and Cable simply don't reach you can now get high-speed internet from Exede.

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